It is time for my favorite thing in the world! oot oot, FAN ART! I have plenty of HoTD pieces done by the many great talents of I have spent weeks looking for the best representations of (HotD) Highschool of the Dead, and I am excited to say I pretty much found them all. All kinds of cosplay, drawing,graphic arts, etc. I am just going to get right into things this time, I can’t type anymore intro from zombie excitement! 8D

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Artwork by Jonathan Castleman

Kurumi-Lover, this is a great representation of the series’s characters!  I love how you sized the girls+Hirano compared to Takashi, they look like little action figures. Also, I completely agree that everyone who enjoys manga should but it if you really like it. Help support the actual manga staff!

Busijima Saeko by Thanistoth

From the beginning Saeko lays down the whooping and this just a peek of how seriously bad-ass she is. Ironically, I also believe she is the only female character to flaunt  a thong. ;D . She is also full of LIFE SAVING advice one wouldn’t consider under the panicky state of the area.

Embracing death by Ohcandu

Coooosplaaay chop!   Speakin of Saeko, he is Ohcandu cosplaying her. Great job obtaining the character’s sexy samurai aura.  Look into her purple eyes too long and soon you’ll be embracing death. Check out more Saeko, and other fresh cosplay oh  Ohcandu’s deviantArt profile.

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High School of the Panties by GalooGameLady

LMFAO this wacky skewed up view of Hotd lies with some of the most hilarious of this post. The nurse is really represented as her true personality. This pic is a true hyperbole, the characters are exaggerated but represent their true selves. Love it and keep up the good. Rei’s eyes remind me of Ren and Stimpy >_< !

Highschool of the Dead L4D by NikeW

*_*, The billions of game ideas I have about this image. I can’t even think of where to start. Just thinking of being able to drill zombie skulls as Saya or butcher ’em up as Saeko… *_*.. It gives me glimmer eyes…Great idea NikeW.

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highschool of the dead by cojka95

What a lovely couple ^_^.   Their facial expressions are really >_>….cute.<_< and I like how the whole piece feels as a whole. Makes me almost gleeful. Plus you can see all the hard work put into it. Woot woot cojka95!

Highschool of the Dead by kanatyanka

Aww, what a cute chibi picture. Despite the fact that Rei’s best friend / crush is mindlessly walking towards her with no intentions but to devour her slowly and painfully without mercy…But look at her worry face! How cute is that?

Kohta Chwaaaaan by sQuiDbiScUit

No guys, I asked Squidbiscuit and Kohta is super duper not pregnant at all. I am not to sure as to what is happening but I know Saya is just as confused as I am. Perhaps this is a tactic by Kohta to win Saya’s heart? Either way great fat-Kohta design. Saya’s facial expression is priceless. So funny!

Rei HOTD by AlexCya

Rei about to lay down the law. I wonder if she knows about the double-tap rule. This is a uber action shot with so many awesome things going on. The coloring is fantastic. You can actually tell what she was doing and where here stick is flinging. I understand attention to detail but this one is neat. Click the pic to see more from AlexCya.

Saya Kouta by kanatyanka

kanatyanka is slowly becoming my favorite chibi artist. This specific piece is great because of the fact that, being in chibi form (and not covered in millions of people’s blood) it gives them a really innocent appearance and its different from alot of HotD fanart! Keep the chibi-ness coming katanyanka!! See more chibi-ness after the jump!

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Takagi Saya by gofu web

This is just plain awesome. Nothing but line ladies and gents. The fact that this is even possibly by someone is mind-stirring alone. I love love how close the character this drawing came out, it makes me happy! Aside form his deviantart, Gofu has his own site where he hosts and displays the other sketches alot like this one. Check out


Phew, I am dizzy from the bloody fanart waterfall that just torrented down your cpu screen. I tried my best to chose art work that best represented the series and work that would demonstrate the talents of the great artists I have feature on this HotD post.  Please comment and give me some feedback as to how I run the site and if you have any suggestions or recommendation related to this anime, email me or just post it up in the comment section.

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My next post is going to be about a hidden gem (to me, yeah call me oblivious)…SGT FROG!

Keroro Gunso

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